Why is Agronomy different?

Agronomy is a deck building game like Dominion and Ascension. Both are great games. I love them so much I wanted my rather large family to participate in the experience of the deck building mechanic. We regularly have game nights (or we did before the pandemic) with 6-10 people. There are some great games that can be played in these large numbers (e.g., Between Two Cities, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Secret Hitler), but no deck builders. Most deck builders suffer from an individual turn-based system that lengthens the game considerably as more players are added. I needed a simultaneous turn model.

You gain money by bringing your crops to the market. The market works off of supply and demand: the more of a single crop there is, the less it is worth. This market allows for simultaneous turns. Simultaneous turns allows the game to take roughly the same amount of time for 4 players or 9 players.

In Agronomy you are a crop farmer in the modern world trying to make a living in an ever-fluctuating market. You’re primarily a Wheat farmer but are now experimenting with other crops as the market has become saturated. You desire to have a better life and be more successful than your parents before you. You’ve narrowed your choices between Rice, Oats, Corn, Barley or Quinoa to add to your harvest in hopes of getting ahead of the market and to turn a better profit. The problem is your competition is experimenting with the same philosophy.

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